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Setoichi Yamadanishiki

Gentle yet serious,a handsome sake. Pure-rice Daiginjo that brings out the character of Yamada Nishiki rice.


We wanted to see just how far we could bring out their individual characteristics and appeal. It takes technique, knowledge, intuition, and above all, a love of rice. We brought together everything to brew its character.

Setoichi Yamadanishiki

118,00 €Prix
  • Type: Junmai daiginjo (namachozō)
    Ingredients:rice, komekōji
    Alcohol content: 16%
    Seimaibuai: Kōjimai 35%, kakemai 35%
    Yeast: M-310
    SMV: 1.0
    Acidity: 1.2
    Volume: 720ml

  • The Seto brewery was founded in 1865 in the Kanagawa region of Kaisei-Machi. After stopping brewing in 1980, it resumed sake production in 2018.

    The landscape, marked by rice fields that change over the seasons, the murmur of water and old thatched houses, has raised this question: What would sake produced in this soothing environment taste like? From there, the plan to revive the activity came into action. Three people work in the kura today.